Corne van de Reijt MD

Verwater Group, NL


What distinguishes Madesta from other suppliers is that it is a very competitive, flexible, and service oriented company with highly professional and responsive staff

David Hubbard

CFO of Smith Tank and Steel -Gonzales, LA/USA

This was our first venture into importation of materials and, frankly, with the level of service provided by Madesta you would have thought we bough the materials down the street.

Ben van der  Schuit

Construction Director of Botlek Tank Terminal Rotterdam, NL

Madesta proved to be a reliable partner and supplier during the execution of our project. All plates were supplied in a timely matter according to the quality and pre-fabrication requirements and tolerances set forth in the purchase order and project engineering.

What we do


Storage tank parts

Madesta is the go to source for top and bottom prefabricated storage tanks. We supply prefabricated parts done individually according to the project requirements, just in time and ready to weld and install


Wind turbine parts

Since 2000 Madesta offers a full set of steel components any complexity level for wind towers and nacelles. Our quality is proven in participation in over 100 projects on four continents.


One stop shop and construction services

We deliver one stop shop and construction services according to the customer's needs. Our scope includes all kind of works related on steel construction and welding. All welders operate with valid ISO certificates.

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